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J & L Flooring, LLC

Estimate expectations


  1. Company name and contact information
  2. Client name and contact information
  3. Date of estimate
  4. Estimate Fee and credit policy if accepted
  5. Room name and Square footage/lineage footage
  6. Room flooring preparation fee or labor rate and hours estimated for product warranty to be valid
  7. Room arrival condition empty or furniture removal
  8. Subflooring repair fee if necessary
  9. Carpet and tacking/ tile removal fee
  10. Flooring product name and color
  11. Baseboard replacement fee if necessary
  12. Threshold conversion plate(s)
  13. Milling fees
  14. Floor vent cover replacement fee if necessary
  15. Door cut fee if necessary
  16. Material dumping fee if necessary
  17. Product warranty
  18. Installer warranty
  19. Purchaser of materials
  20. Estimated start and completion dates
  21. Security deposit required
  22. Balance due upon completion
  23. Dispute Resolution -arbitration